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Our 90 Day Plan

Every school in New Mexico drafts an annual plan for state reporting and accountability. You can visit New Mexico Public Education Department for more information about NM Dash.


The School Instructional Council (SIC) is made of teacher leaders, administrators and parents.

SIC determines each spring what the annual goals will be for the proceeding school year.


The plan can be edited throughout the year to fit the needs of the school. The plan is required to have one instructional goal (either in English language arts, math or both) and a secondary goal that is focused on the school’s needs.


For the spring 2022 plan Mission Avenue has set 2 goals:


Goal 1: Core Instruction - All grades will achieve a 10% increase in summative testing scores between the middle of the year (MOY) data and end of year (EOY) data. Teachers will meet in collaboration weekly to focus on interventions and planning aligned to our 90 Day Plan goals for core instruction.

Our goal is to have the following percent proficient by May:

  ELA Math
K 36% 67%
1st 40% 58%
2nd 32% 22%
3rd 42% 27%
4th 55% 33%
5th 48% 40%


Goal 2: All teachers will implement lessons and activities that utilize scientific models, technology, and community partnerships. while reinforcing Habits of Mind vocabulary, to support a school wide focus on characteristics of success and develop an integrated STEM education.


As of April 2022 we are on track to achieve our 90 day plan goals for school year 2021-22.


Our SIC meeting day to plan for next school year is scheduled for 4/28/22. If you have any input for our 90 day plan goals or questions about our current plan, please email Sarah Matosian @