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What Can a Redirection Program Offer?

Redirection supports teachers, staff, and more importantly, students. Dealing with behavioral issues and challenges can be frustrating and overwhelming for everyone. The Redirection Program can offer assistance in many areas. Redirection provides a type of re-teach, or re-focus, for students that are exhibiting behavioral issues of all kinds. By sending students to Redirection, teachers are able to limit the amount of time that they spend dealing with classroom behavior problems and use that time to TEACH. It also provides an opportunity for the student to focus on the positive choices they can make to learn the skills necessary to change their behavior. The Redirection program works in conjunction with existing school and classroom behavior management plans (such as PBS). It provides support for students who are in need of more specific planning for appropriate behavior.

  • Redirection is an adaptation of the traditional 'Time-Out' and Life Space interview model (what happened, what should have been happening, what you will do differently).
  • Redirection is an inclusive practice available to every student on campus.
  • Redirection can provide an immediate and consistent intervention in the cycle of inappropriate behavior.
  • Redirection can shorten the time that students are out of the classroom due to inappropriate behavior.
  • Redirection helps the student plan for more appropriate and effective behavior by focusing on positive choices.
  • Redirection returns the students to the classroom as soon as possible with positive choices that enable learning to occur.
  • Redirection can serve as the location for students who have lost a privilege such as recess, or who are serving In-School Suspension.
  • Redirection can provide students with a chance to learn from their mistakes and help them feel supported and successful.