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Contact Melissa Caudillo  Melissa Caudillo Educational Assistant
Contact Dawnielle Rodriguez  Dawnielle Rodriguez Teacher
Contact Mary Chavez  Mary Chavez Educational Assistant
Contact Sallie Gonzales  Sallie Gonzales Teacher
Contact Amanda Pacheco  Amanda Pacheco Teacher
Contact Conchita Perea  Conchita Perea Educational Assistant
Contact Corina Romero  Corina Romero Teacher
1st Grade
Contact Heather Herrera  Heather Herrera Teacher
Contact Keith Montano  Keith Montano Reading Teacher
2nd Grade
Contact Laurel Grimes  Laurel Grimes Teacher
Contact Tamara Wesol  Tamara Wesol Teacher
4th Grade
Contact Sophia Carrion  Sophia Carrion Teacher
Contact Sabrina Garcia  Sabrina Garcia Teacher
Contact Carissa Sauter  Carissa Sauter Teacher
Special Education Staff
Contact Rachael Nilson  Rachael Nilson Teacher
Contact Debbie Swanson  Debbie Swanson Educational Assistant
Contact Debora Vigil  Debora Vigil Teacher
Contact Charlene Villezcas  Charlene Villezcas Educational Assistant
Physical Education
Contact Filiberto Martinez Iii  Filiberto Martinez Iii PE Teacher
Contact Frances Garcia  Frances Garcia Principal
Contact Edward Ramirez  Edward Ramirez Dean of Students
Health Office
Contact Christina Gardner  Christina Gardner Nurse
Contact Sharon Radillo  Sharon Radillo Health Assistant
Contact Denise Pyle-Ortiz  Denise Pyle-Ortiz Counselor
Title 1 Reading Teacher
Contact Keith Montano  Keith Montano Reading Teacher
Technology/digital Teacher
Contact Shelly Chevalier  Shelly Chevalier Technology Teacher
Contact Myrl Tillman  Myrl Tillman Redirector
ETF Coaches
Contact Abel Abeita  Abel Abeita ETF Coach
Contact Helana Greenblatt  Helana Greenblatt ETF Coach
Contact Clair Wood  Clair Wood ETF Coach