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Playground Rules


  • Up the steps
  • Down the slide
  • Feet first sitting on bottom
  • One student at a time
  • Stay on the slide all the way to the bottom


  • 4 on the merry-go-round at a time
  • Feet and arms in
  • Sit on bottom and hold on with both hands
  • No more than 2 pushers
  • Must stand still when pushing


  • Only use 1 swing at a time
  • swing facing forward
  • stop swing before getting off
  • stand away from swingers while you wait your turn

Tire Swing

  • 2 students at a time
  • Next person in line pushes tire swing
  • Must push from the outside (can not stand in the middle while pushing)
  • Form a line and wait your turn
  • New turn every 3 pushes

Main Jungle Gym

  • Do not climb on top
  • No tag
  • No sliding down the center of the slide

Monkey Bars

  • No chicken – have to go one way
  • Hands to yourself
  • Cannot hang from knees
  • Only hang from your hands

Red Arch Bars

  • Cannot hang from knees
  • Only hand from your hands

Parallel Bars

  • Cannot stand on top
  • Hand to yourself

Round Red Jungle Gym (East Playground)

  • No tag
  • Hands to yourself

3- level Bars

  • Hands must stay on the bar at all times

Zip Line

  • No pushing
  • Can not be helped up
  • Zip with body weight only


  • Touch football
  • Keep shoes on
  • Can only sit on bleachers
  • Stay on grass
  • No pushing or pulling on clothes
  • During lunch – no portable bathroom or drinking fountain
  • No climbing on the fence
  • No climbing on the soccer goals


  • No digging holes in the wood chips
  • No burying other students in wood chips
  • No throwing rocks
  • No snowballs